How Businesses Are Staying Resilient During COVID-19

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Everyone had to make some significant adjustments in the past few months and it is apparent that small businesses faced some of the biggest challenges. With the province-wide lockdown, many small businesses had to close their doors and some remained open with restrictions. Even with limitations, many businesses are finding creative solutions to adapt and stay resilient. It’s interesting to see how different businesses are coming up with new solutions to adapt to their industry and needs. Not only are businesses adapting but all of us are learning how to live during this pandemic and still able to celebrate special days and have fun with family and friends.


Creative Solutions For Businesses


Many businesses are finding alternative ways to operate and interact with their customers. Restaurants for example, had major changes to their operations due to social distancing. They are partnering up with food delivery services which have increased demand. Another creative solution that many businesses adapted to was online ordering and curbside pickup to ensure customer safety.  As many businesses are finding ways to overcome this hardship, it is important to support them and help the community together.


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Adoption of Technologies


Many corporate offices have required their employees to work from home which has led to high demand for video conferencing in various applications (eg. meetings, health & fitness live stream, educational sessions, special events, etc). Technology has been a very good resource to operate businesses in diverse industries. Virtual services to customers is not a mere option,  but a necessity for success!


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Interacting With Customers


 When COVID-19 hit, many businesses can agree that social media is key to communication with customers. It is not easy to maintain good relationships with clients given limited face-to-face interaction. Digital marketing and advertising is a great option to expand online presence which keeps consumers informed and engaged.  The uncertainty of the current situation is a big challenge that has to be addressed. Businesses should learn how to pivot effectively.


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